Growing up in the city of Milan, Dj Marvu at 16 years old he discovered turntablism and soon the passion grew stronger and the hunger for vinyl was a daily constant regardless of genre or any record shop around him. Deejaying was obivously a natural move for him and so he started playing through out the whole country of Italy.  At 21 age, he started he’s studies at Conservatorio di Como, Hence finalizing he’s exams he won a scholarship to Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya – ESMUC in Barcelona. Once settled in Barcelona, a proposal for summer season was made to play at a beach bar “Chiringuito del Mar”, from there he established him self has a Dj resident at Icebarcelona in the busy area of Port Olympic. City Hall, Macarena, BLVD to name a few reference clubs in the city that he regularly also plays. Insatiable connoisseur and collector of black music, he mixes is music with Soul, Jazz, Funk, Afro, HipHop, Disco and House.